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I asked God to come into my heart on January 17, 2000. I always felt inspired to go out and help change the world. I am Married and recently became a father in November 2018. I am currently a Deacon at my Church and Youth Group Leader. Life is to short and we all should respect each other. I believe by to expressions. Don't allow anyone to steal your joy! & If your right and your rude then you're wrong. If you want to here more about my journey I gave personal testimony on how may Faith and walk with God began. The episodes are called "Why So Happy" &  "Having Faith Part II. 

The Story About My Faith

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Our Show is open to all to reach out and share their stories. Together we can try and make the world a better place.

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If you feel that your Faith is being Tested or you are battling a Storm. We encourage you to reach out to us.

Our Journey

Our first Logo May 2018-Feb 16,2019

History & Mission Statement

On June 16, 2018 we began our Journey. To be honest I never thought we would be this popular in such a short time. If you asked my Mother she would say I always knew you could do it.  Since I was a Child my mother always told me. "Angel did you know that when you were born all the Angels came from Heaven. Do you know why? because your special". I always felt that God had a plan for me. I believe this show inspires me to help others and prepares me to help change the world. 

This show is based on personal testimony, real life stories and motivational topics. I believe that all of us battle storms, face obstacles and have our Faith Tested. The one thing you can say about our show is that we never holds back and we never edit. If I make a mistake I leave it in. This show is real, honest and fun. I hope you continue to walk this journey with us. If you start from the beginning you will see how many real life Storms and celebrations have occurred in our first year. 

As we continue to grow we are working on toward a Goal. Our Mission is to one day begin a scholarship program for all counties starting in NY and eventually the entire United States for the student that provides Good Attendance, Good Grades and gives back to their Community. Its time we show the kids of tomorrow that respecting our elders and preparing for the future will make the world a better place. 

New Logo Feb 18,2019-Present

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